Mercedes Benz 1932 Mannheim model 370 Cabriolet D

This is a very compleete car that was bought by a person in USA in late fifties from a hotel director in Boston .

Was stored outside .  Many years later it was taken apart and put in a barn , where it  rested until I bought it 3 years ago.

Mostly all body-wood is gone .Some parts a rusty and others in good shape.

Chassis with engine ,gearbox ect. is complete and was never  taken apart. Radiator is good. Instrumentboard is good. Even the ignition-kee is in place.

Top-assembly is complete as well as doors ect. Headlamps  ok !

It comes with a USA registration - document as well as import-document for EU , with tax paid by me.

Its a big job , but a rare car.!!!

Price: EUR.: Please call me.